Huge Dilemma

I decided that once I get a job, I’m going to save up for a new phone. I’m debating between the 8 & the 8 plus, or wait until September to see what the price of the new phones are. Opinions?

Me too. But about X and google Pixel 2. Is better to buy the iPhone 8 plus than the X?

Even though the 8/8 plus is cheaper, the OLED screen of the X is brighter, which helps with battery & it also has a bigger screen than the 8/8 plus

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Here’s some thoughts, first let’s look at the 8 vs the 8 plus:

The three main differences between those phones are rear cameras, screen size, and battery. The Plus has two cameras in the back which enables the feature portrait mode. Do you take a lot of pictures of people and want those pics to look amazing, almost like they were shot with a high end DSLR camera? Then you’ll want the Plus for that.

Next, do you like bigger screens on phones? The Plus will be harder/impossible to use one handed and can lead to it being dropped easier depending on the person. Also some people can struggle with the size of the phone when trying to put it in a pocket. To offset the bigger screen will look great if you use your phone to watch a lot of media like Netflix!

Finally, battery, the Plus has a bigger battery to power the bigger display. This leads to the Plus being slightly longer lasting in the battery department although Apple has improved the battery of the 8 when compared to say the 6 vs 6Plus. Here’s the claimed battery times of both models:

So those are the big differences between those models. I hope that after looking at what you use your phone for right now you’ll be able to see which of these phones strengths would be most beneficial to you!

Now let’s talk about the new phone rumours from Apple right now. We don’t have too much information about new phones yet since September is pretty far away but recent rumours seem to be saying that Apple will be sticking to having two LCD phones and one OLED model. So unless you’re looking to get the iPhone X2 you might be waiting for not much change. Apple always adds some new bells and whistles but (IMO) the iPhone X models are the ones that will see big changes, Apple has refined the iPhone 8/8Plus models pretty incredibly so it’s hard to see them making major changes for the iPhone 9/9Plus or whatever they call it.

The last rumour is that around May/June Apple might release an iPhone SE2 with wireless charging. If you like the old iPhone 5S design and want a phone like it but find the iPhone SE out of date you could wait to see if they do this.

Hope some of this helped you in your decision!


heyyo I’m on the same boat :grin: While I also plan to buy one of the big three phones that had come out recently (Iphone X, Samsung Galaxy 8 and Google Pixel 2) if you are wondering which phone will help the most to create content I suggest checking this link out:

I personally like the budget option which is the ASUS ZENFONE 3 ZOOM , which has great frontal and back cameras for around $320. But I’m saving up for a Pixel 2 lol, since v2 might not come out in a while I can buy it once the app has a set date :ok_hand:

How is the diferences $ betwen the iphone 8 and plus?

For the base models (in Canada) the difference is the 8 Plus costs $130 more than the 8

The 8 Plus vs X argument (IMO) boils down to what you want out of your phone. The 8 Plus offers that familiar iPhone feel, refined. If you have owned an iPhone since the iPhone 6 the iPhone 8 will feel similar. Obviously they’ve made the phone sleeker, faster and able to take better pictures but it still has that safe iPhone feel.
In comparison the iPhone X is for people that want a shift in how they use their phone. It’s for people that want the latest tech Apple has to offer. It’s for people that have gotten tired of their iPhone experience and want something different and new.
A lot of people will lean on the price of the two phones as the main comparison but I think that’s not entirely fair. The two phones are catering to different types of people, both are good in their own way and it’s up to you do decide which kind of iPhone user you are, and what you value in your phone!

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Thaks. Really helpful.

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