Huge Comedic Byte Comp on YouTube! (You Might Be In It)

If you were tagged in this post or your handle is on the Masterlist than one of your bytes appears in this compilation

If you are not in it but would like to be in the future please continue to read

Video link:

Hey everyone! I posted a couple of days ago asking for people to tag me in their clean comedic bytes for my first YouTube comp. Thank you all so much for your tags, this compilation is amazing!

I am very excited about this channel and I want to use it as a resource to compile the best of Byte from users with all different followings. This comp has bytes from those with the largest followings all the way to those with very few, but all the Bytes are quality.

Now need your help to promote the video I’m super excited because this channel has the potential to have a far reach and if the comp does well these bytes could be a new generation of classics! If your Byte appears in the video promoting the video is promoting YOUR BYTE to be seen by possibly thousands! If you are willing please like, subscribe, and comment on the video, the more action on the video the farther it will reach on YouTube. Furthermore, announce on social media that you made it into an original BestOfByte compilation! It’s definitely not an achievement to sneeze at :wink:

I’m aiming at about three hundred or more subscribers this week to make it worth my time to make regular weekly comps. THIS is where those of you who DIDN’T make the compilation come in. If you tagged me in a video and you didn’t make it in, I am sorry. There were a lot of people who tagged me and I had to sort through the bytes but that doesn’t mean you can’t be in the next one! Along with those creators who are NOT COMEDY CENTERED, it’s still TO YOUR BENEFIT to promote this video and channel because it is very likely you may make it into another compilation. While this first video is comedy centered and I will continue to make comedic comps, I plan on also doing artistic/editor comps, music comps, and many others in the future.


This is a one time thing that I will not be doing for future videos but if you like, comment, subscribe, share on social media, and recruit 2 other friends (not Byters) to do the same then I will put you on a TOP PRIORITY list and one of your Bytes will be featured in the next comp that compiles your type of work (exception if you have profanity or inappropriate behavior in all of your bytes). If you get 10 subscribers for the channel I will feature two of your bytes (possibly in different comps, possibly the same). Comment back here that you did it and the names of the people who subscribed. Again this is a one time offer that I will not be doing in the future.

If you are interested in being featured in a comp in the future please tag both of the following accounts in the comments of the Byte you would like to be considered: @TheArielleGirl AND @thebestofbytes

I will only be considering CLEAN bytes and nothing with profanity or sexual innuendo will be included in any compilation

I am also running two social media accounts for funny bytes where I post one to three Bytes a day and the same process applies for being considered for those (but please specify that they are for social media and not a comp. You can be considered for both however).

Instagram @thebestofbytes

Twitter @bestofbytes

I’m sorry for the long post, but I am truly excited about this! I hope you enjoy the compilation and are ready to see your bytes on YouTube in the future!

Below is the Masterlist of Byters included in the compilation (in random order):

























































































WOO! It was the first thing I watched when I woke up!


Thanks so much for your help!!!


Awesome! consider it shared all over my social media and among friends! Hope to have more featured in the future!


Hey I was tagged but I don’t think i was in it
My @/ music can you tell if I. Missed it in the video :sweat_smile:


Oh I’m sorry. I did include someone with the handle @music I believe but I’m sorry if that was not you :grimacing:

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No problem!


Hey I was tagged, but don’t think I was in it either :sweat_smile: great compilation though! Lots of recognition for great Bytes.


Include me next time tho ! :joy::joy:


I’m fairly certain I included one of yours but I’m sorry about that. I’ll put you on the priority list :wink:


I’ll put you on the priority list, sorry about that :wink:

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Haha it’s all good! Thanks for doing this though, really helps everyone :slight_smile:


My pleasure, that’s the hope!


I did as requested and liked, subscribed, and had two friends do the same! Sent it to a few people in text as well to share! Glad to be of help!


You’re on the list!!


Subbed a few days ago and had post notifications turned on so I was waiting for this video and I was so honoured to see you chose my vid! It’s a huge compliment to think that you found my content funny and clean enough to put into a whole compilation. I’m so very thankful for the feature and I’ll work hard to try be entered in future ones!


My pleasure!! You have good content :blush:


Thanks for the feature! Also great to see the fresh content from fellow creators!


OMG thank you for including mine. I appreciate it.


Of course! :blush: