Huge Bio Test

obviously this is quite late but I usually go through the textbook and make online flashcards on basically every thing I can find. Sometimes it’s effective (especially for things like Biology) but sometimes it doesn’t work as well (like with my Chemistry test the other day aha).

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I can’t buy the textbook aha

oh, that may be a minor issue… try using your notes? I sometimes make cards out of those x)

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Yeah I take accurate notes so that should help

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great. I recommend using something like cram (the website) and I’ve also heard Quizlet is pretty popular. you can actually export your flashcards and save them to use on other flashcard websites too, and you can play memory games with them so that’s pretty swell. If I’m stressed out but I need to study then I’ll usually just play the memory games lol

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I might try that lol, I never use quizlet much

I failed my first test dkdjdjdndk ;-;

_ - _ see, that’s why you don’t study so you don’t expect to pass.

I need a new plan .-.