How will we beat TikToc? A proposal

If we believe we can make this work, we need to remember how Facebook, cancelled myspace, and try to repeat history. How will it all work to really convince everyone to move on to byte? It’s believed that myspace had failed to be innovative, and creative. Perhaps we can try something different. I’ve always thought that the people should chose how government should be, and that’s why we vote. If we all vote based on what people want for byte, maybe, just maybe this won’t fizzle out like vine did. So a long road ahead of us, but if we can work together I’m sure we can all accomplish great things together. :heart:


I always feel weird saying were competition with tiktok lol. I mean we are and tiktok are aware of byte despite it being in beta. The longer the wait for release possibly makes more give in to tiktok but they are too different in my opinion. Its clear that a clash will occur but with this community growing and there is an audience for people who are anti tikok from either political opinions or just finding the content cringe id say we have a good backing with a nice word to be spread by big names already aware of the app or in beta. The forums isnt necessarily voting but its a good way to spread ideas of what you want shown on the app and get feedback or even meet other people too.
Maybe in the past people will move on from byte but im sure there is a way to overtake tiktok.

Its a new and improved :vine: and im sure staff will do all they can to overthrow tiktok and attempt to become a powerhouse in this field. :sunglasses::ok_hand: