How Will V2 Benefit You?

A little something so I can have a laugh. My work and what I study is very hardcore and exhausting and dark, so it would be nice to have something where I can post cheesy stuff once in a while and watch some good comedy that doesn’t require too much thinking.

Skits don’t do it for me, especially if they’re long. I appreciate the short amount of time given to make a v*ne.


Connecting with people who appreciate my humour

Becoming an artist in v2 brings so many benefits to be honest, but these are the ones I truly care about.

I’m very anti social due to insecurities but ever since I heard that our savior Dom was working on v2 I kind of began to think about changing my life around. I’ve began writing down a few short skits and actually acting them out and honestly it’s kind of helping me out, so that’s a good thing.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have a lot of friends who get my sense of humor, so as a result I’m not able to be myself. So connecting with people around the globe who probably share the same interests as me would be amazing.

Overall, I just want to feel good about myself, make people laugh in some way and connect with awesome people in the future.:slightly_smiling_face:

IT’s a good diversion

I think it’d be a fun way to express my ideas, keeping it short and sweet, and share it with the world.

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To make people laugh because laughter is often the best medicine and to connect with new people from all different walks of life. Plus, it’ll give me something to do as another hobby.

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