How Will V2 Benefit You?

We all want something great from V2, How will becoming a content creator benefit you?
comment below! :hugs:


Being able to make connections with people all over the world that wouldn’t have been able without creativity and passion for creating content


I’ve always wanted to be in the entertainment/media industry, this is a great starting point.


Mainly give me something to do since I don’t really have any hobbies.


such a good point bro

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In the last few months I’ve gone from someone who had little to no social activities to want to take every opportunity that’s presented. I completely missed out on V*ne when it was first created and all of the energy and creativity I missed out which I was heart broken by so I’m so excited for the launch of this to bring so many ideas to life and meet people from all corners of the globe, finding all but passion for comedy and creativity


It’s just a creative outlet for me. I really like making videos but I’m way to lazy to do a full length skit, so 6 seconds is awesome.


Also it challenges you to tell a story within a restricted time which is a form of art


Yes, much agreed.


In the past, when I was having a bad day, I would think of something funny, make a Vne, laugh at myself, and move on. Vne went away, but the bad days didn’t, and I was stubborn and didn’t want to move on to Instagram or SnappyChat.

Since joining the forum, I’ve written down probably 100 skits, or iterations of skits, and it has greatly improved my mood. Now technically, I am a sentient piece of wood brought to life by the wish of a puppet maker, so how much emotion do I really have?

Kane out.

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-Start my acting carreer
-Make feel happy
-Distract me
-Make friends in different parts of the world
-Meet people with my same pleasures
-Have fun

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It would allow me to make new connections and meet new people and also make a name for myself

Having fun, making friends from around the world and possibly making a name for myself

By branching out, making friends, and being inspired along the way!

okay same tho :joy: I can’t even upkeep my youtube channel out of laziness to make a video longer than 1 minute, but I love making 6 second videos :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I really just need an outlet with maybe some people that understand :slight_smile:

I don’t even want V2 for myself, I want it for my little sister. She’s making really hilarious content on instagram right now but it’s super hard to get discovered on instagram.

I wanna make sure she gets in on the ground floor for v2 so she can really have an opportunity to showcase her stuff! She’s 16 and wasn’t super present for vine the first time so I really think v2 could be great now that her sense of humor’s really coalesced. :cherry_blossom:


that was amazingly wrote

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I just need something to do instead of sleeping all day fr :joy:

Thankee kindly.

I try to do what I can with what I have. Bark, splinters, strings, lack of human emotion, termites… the list goes on and on.

Kane out.