How will V2 and YouTube collide?

As you all know, after the v word died, all of the content went right to YouTube. When V2 comes out, I’m scared the same thing will happen and original great content made by hard working people will just be pirated by dishonest people wanting to get views. Do you guys think there is anyway to stop this, or it’s inevitable? Thoughts?

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The most probable way of this happening is to inpliment an effective report system on V2 to make sure content doesn’t get stolen on here. On YouTube you just have to go through the copyright system and hope the website doesn’t screw people over.

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Yeah there is a lot of trust involved, and sadly people aren’t great with that I. The internet

Hopfully if we stick as a team we will be able to fight off the fake people

hello! wondering this too, maybe this topic will help!

Here’s a thread where we’re discussing your concern about content being stolen: