How will beta be rolled out?

How do you guys think the beta will be rolled out? I think it would be cool for people who have contributed to the forum and have been active should be given early access. Or by country. Any ideas?


Really no idea, although I do think @dom mentioned inviting a couple of people from the forums. Unsure though.


Idk, By countries not, because obviously the first one that would be enabled would be the United States and the other countries could not, such as mine, which iam the only one Argentine in the forum.
By activity I do not know, because there are people who study and work and can not enter the forum very often. There are also many people who got bored and lowered their activity.


Yes, he will invite but But we do not know what requirement we are going to need or maybe he does some draw


It might be everyone on the forums with the expert and above trust role or x amount of achievements could get access. That would be cool


You may be able to find an answer to your question here:


Yeah he did say he would invite a couple people from the forums

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My words exactly :stuck_out_tongue:

By country would be silly. Mainland USA would probably get it first opposed to outlying countries

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Hahaha :laughing:

Would be nice if the beta was rolled out to actual creators from the forums, ones who have experience with creating content and not those who flood the forums to look active


Hopefully I get picked haha

Same here haha

Yea, though from what I tell that isn’t to much of a problem, most people have some major social media platform and (hopefully) over a good few hundred followers/ subscribers

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