How we will make V2 A BILLION DOLLARS

Ok, so all these tech startups like FB and SC think they are cool with VR and what not. Nah, V2 is going to blow them out of the water. This is a call to anybody who knows coding, if you know how to make a self driving car, lets do it. Also we should make an Uber just with helicopters. And we need a band called V2 to go on tour and rake in cash.

Just some ideas. I want to hear yours.


Tbh I rlly don’t like VR bc I feel like it messes up your eyes.

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Ponzi Scheme.

We could do like that company Bitconnect and tell people they should give us their money to invest in bitcoin and then just take it.


my idea is that you’re crazy

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Damn You’re right

Bill gates “Crazy people build houses, other people buy them and live there”

But this is a whole new level of crazy

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Really thunking about this eh? :laughing::sunglasses:

Could we make the billon fight? But with V2 artists hahaha


Just like patrick pushing bikini bottom somewhere else to escape the
alaskan bull worm we must do the same, just don’t push V2 into a ravine to
get smashed by the same bull worm we want to escape.

I wanna take on Jake Paul for the name of Jake.
That kid took my name, and Im gonna get back at him. Also that guy Jake from state farm? He ruined my life for three whole years, he can get it too.

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We have a fight!

You get him in the ring and I will do it :rofl:

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Hahaha I’ll try :joy:

We need a live concert. It will last for a total of 6 seconds.


Ummmmm…ok :neutral_face::joy:,creative mind

Damn a billion dollars, thas pretty steep

We could start v2 off with a bang and throw all the old V*ne stars in a hunger-games-like arena and the winner gets “The Pot,” a crowd funded prize-pool provided by the viewers in the hopes that their favorite would win and receive said money.

This of course would draw millions as a TV event, and would make V2 a hefty sum of money, which could be put towards maintaining the app.

(And if there’s a tie the winners have to see who can kill a blue bird first. Any ties to a company both real or fictional would be strictly coincidental.)


  • Yes.
  • Heck Yes!
  • I’m kinda boring…

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