How we can help Dom out?

Hey guysssss, I’m sure you have all seen Dom’s Survey, if not then he made a made one and asked us to complete it. I think Dom would really appreciate it of a lot more people filled it out. Basically what I am suggesting is that we all share the survey link on all of our social media platforms OR at least tell 3 friends to fill it out. I think that would be a really great community initiative! :kissing_heart::grinning:

I certainly know if I was a creator of an app and I saw thousands of people tell me how much that app meant to them, that would definitely put a smile on my face (which @dom deserves) and who knows, it may even promote v2 resulting in the app being released early than expected… :grin::smirk:



I agree Luke! Thanks for your input and ideas.


I could be wrong, but this survey seems like it’s for active users on the forum. Considering the final question asked is “what is your username on the forum”. Otherwise it would make no sense for him to post it solely on here and not to his Twitter. I would suggest asking for his permission first before sharing it to social media, just to make sure this is what he actually wanted.


That is true, I guess just send it to 3 friends that you know are on the forums but are inactive know. Like I know quite a few people that came here straight away but are now inactive as a result of the bad news. I think it’s a great initiative that will get people back onto the forums.

That wasn’t a required option.