How was your first day?

So the app has been out for just over a day, and it’s been pretty crazy!
It got to number 1 on trending in some places, and same for parts of the app store, but how was the first day of the app for you?

Did you have fun? Find any creators in particular that you enjoyed? All in all, was the app everything that you dreamed it would be?


It was busy as hell and it blew up, completely blowing my expectations out of the water. Defo a rough start because of the MASSIVE influx of users. I’m excited to work through it to see what the app will become and how it grows. At the moment it’s definitely tough, but not impossible. I really want to help make the app good as can be and for the community to thrive.

Expectations haven’t quite been met yet, but definitely working towards there!


I’m excited for all the new changes and new original content! I’m also excited for the potential people joining the app that byte might just kick start their career or ambition to try new things this year!


It blew up like crazy. I really didn’t expect it to, but it did. I think a lot of clout chasers caught wind and YEETED over here real quick.

My videos perosnally haven’t done too well, but just gotta keep on grinding. Really keen to see this one grow though, because hopefully the good content will eventually get recognition.


Exceeded my expectations :heart: I love it . 2020 will be crazy , this app is what we all needed


same here! You explained it really well lol


It was a busy day, even for a person like me who averages at about 10-25 likes per byte! One of them even had a stream of people liking one particular byte until the morning. I was also looking around to see if there were any kpop accounts, & of course there are :blep:


great day, on day 1 i got to brainstorm & post some funny bytes, @bevs <3


I gained 700 followers :slight_smile:


grabbed a cute username, so for me its amazing. can’t say for others, tho

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Hasn’t been a full 24 hours yet for me and I have probably been on the app for 14 of those hours. I just love it. That’s it. I can be my genuine goofy self and people will enjoy it <3 not only that but, there are ALOT of amazing creators on the app just waiting to get the spotlight.


Lets Gooooo Erika


It was fun. I just was randomly confused as to how so many new people (not beta testers) that aren’t even famous on other social media platforms, hopped on and instantly had a viral video (tons of loops/likes).

I’m still sitting at under 100 loops per video :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face:


I gained 10 followers


o i posted like 3 times and they were all low quality lol


I was extremely busy because I was trying to get the word out to anyone and also getting it to trend on twitter! On top of that I was thinking of a byte to post when it did launch. But overall I seen ok growth my first day and got to see everyone else grow as the app slowly started getting steam.


Same here I didn’t expect it to blow up as much on it’s first day!

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Out of like five or so content creators that I follow elsewhere two are on Byte now, so it’s going real nice for just one day!


I’ve really enjoyed it, but I’ve felt a lot of pressure as well. Loads of people blew up and I’m SO happy for them, but man wants to be there too, so I constantly think of new ideas right now.

Regarding all the popular content, I like it. Many users got so many likes though for nothing just by people recognizing them, so I guess that’s fair the first days.

It really feels thriving though, minus the spam bots, still wondering when that NBA account is gonna get banned.

I’m gonna miss the small intimate community we had, since I didn’t feel so anxious about posting good content, but I’m always gonna cherish that time and I’m excited for the future. :heart:


it was interesting to see. Saw some creators yesterday with big followings on beta just really blow up from 100s of loops to 10,000 of loops. It’s intereting to see byte’s asecion for sure.