How Twitter Destroyed V*ne

I honestly believe that Twitter destroyed V*ine by mismanaging the app for the whole time that it was available on the app store. Monetization honestly could have saved the original and attracted top creators who left for Instagram and YouTube. Any thoughts on this topic?


Did twitter buy vine after vine was already a thing people were using? Or did they buy it before it launched to the public?

Bought it before launch if my memory serves

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if i’m not mistaken, i believe they canned the app because it wasn’t profitable. twitter was already ‘struggling’ to make money and advertisers didn’t care for it to put money into it :o

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I agree with you, at that time the viners migrated to youtube because of the monetization and then people stopped using the vine and were only for youtube, since few people used vine the twitter decided to end it…

In 2012, Twitter bought Vine before the app was launched, and then launched it in early 2013 under their ownership.