How to use Byte


Since there are a lot of new people joining the app and are a little confused, I thought I’d make a tutorial thread that I can keep updating. I’ll try to keep it simple. Sorry if its messy

image Home Page


image ~ Following and your mix

You can swipe left and right between:
Following - Videos from the people you follow, and the videos they rebyte* there
Your mix - Videos curated for you. Similar to the ‘for you’ page from tiktok

image ~ Sounds

Sounds can be seen at the top right corner of a video and shows:
the title of the sound, the original video, other videos that used it, and lets you use the sound

image ~ Category, caption, and channel

Category - Which category this channel was uploaded into. You can click these categories. This video uses the category ‘/Minecraft’
Caption and channel - Self explanatory

image ~ Share, comments, likes

Share - Brings up a menu with options: share, copy link, download, rebyte (like retweet), and flag
Comments and likes - Self explanatory

image Explore Page


image ~ Search

Search between users and hashtags (for now)

image ~ Spotlight

Hand picked videos by the byte team. You will get a notification saying ‘spotlight rebyted your post’ if your video makes it here

image ~ Categories/Channels

You can follow categories you like, and those will then show up in ‘your mix’
You can view videos in each category by newest or popular

image Upload/Record Videos


image ~ Add sounds

Lets you add your own sounds from videos you have saved in your camera roll and also lets you trim it

~ Camera Features

Flip - Flip the camera
Delete - Delete the last clip you recorded
Extra - Has options: self timer and insert a clip. some iphones have a ‘floaties’ feature as well, which lets you place pics on top of your video. so you could screenshot comments, etc and use this feature
Ghost - Shows you the last frame of the last clip you recorded
Videos - Upload a video from your camera roll

**Press the next arrow at the top right to get to the next part of editing your video

image ~ Text and Beats

image **Tip: You can click the circle in the text editing page to switch between just text or text+background

image ~ Caption, channel/category, sound settings

Caption - Give it any caption you want, and you can add hashtags
Channel - Pick an appropriate channel for your video
Sound settings - Change the title and image of you sound, and change if others can use your sound

image Activity/Notifications Page


image ~ Filter

Filter your notifications by: All, comments, likes, follows, mentions
**Tip: Rebyte notifications show up in the ‘all’ notifications

image Your Profile


image ~ Edit profile

Edit: your username, display name (optional), bio, and color of your profile
**Tip: When picking the colors, if you tap it a second time, it will invert the colors
**Tip: You can link to other social media in your bio by formatting it correctly. For example adding “Twitter: FaizalDawx” to my bio would link to my twitter
Other suffixes that work: ig, insta, instagram, sc, snap, snapchat, twitch, tt, twitter, tt, tiktok

image ~ Settings (long list)

Your stats - Shows you how many followers you have, loops/views you have, and loops/views you’ve watched, and how many stars* you have
Your liked bytes - A list of all the bytes you’ve liked. Only you can see this
Your rebytes - A list of all the bytes you’ve rebytes. Others can also see this
Your followers - People that follow you
Your following - People you follow

Scrolling behaviour - Switch between scrolling freely or your scrolling from video to video
Zen mode - Hides numbers and other stuff from videos, etc.
Camera Mode - Switch between holding down the circle to record or holding anywhere on screen to record
Comments audio - Switch between keeping audio same, lowering it, or muting it when you open the comments while a video plays in the back
Tap behaviour - Switch between tap to pause or tap to bring up comments
App Icon - Change the theme of your byte application icon (This may not be available for everyone)

Plus more options (blocked accounts, deactivate, delete, log out, clear cache, etc)

Last Updated: August 1st



Whats a rebyte?

  • A rebyte is like a retweet. It shares the video with your followers and they will see it in their “following” feed

What do the stars mean in my stats?

  • You earn stars as your followers/loops/watched loops go up. Only you can see them, and they are just for fun right now. In the future, they could be used towards getting extra profile customization, etc

What do the logos beside peoples names mean?

I found a bug/issue on the app. What should I do?

  • You can report the bug from within the app, or submit a report to #bug-reports

I would like to suggest a feature. Where can I do that?

  • You can make suggestions for the app in #idea (Make sure that idea has not been suggested before)

How can I see my stats/followers/following/etc on the app?

  • Your profile > 3 dots > whatever you want to see

How long can videos be?

  • 16 seconds (at the moment)

Is there an official byte website to watch videos on or a web application?

  • No there are no official desktop versions of the app. Some byte users have made websites but it is not recommended to sign in anywhere. The byte team will let everyone know if they ever release a website/desktop version of the app

What new features are coming to byte?

How to download the beta?

Official byte links:


this is awesome my dude, you really doin God’s work


This thread


Thank you for this legend :pray:


he said what he said


Even I walked away learning some new things today


I’m hoping there’s a new big community that builds from all this TikTok stuff in the news. I like Byte more. It’s easier to edit videos.


Can I verify myself so that no one can pretend to be me, or does this apply to celebrities only?

Dayam!! New verification!!


i think its meant to be for bigger celebrities, creators, etc whose names other people might try to steal to impersonate em

That’s officially one of my goals now lmao.

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