How to Upload 📷

There’s been a lot of contention about whether or not v2 would or even should allow uploads from computers.
To simplify things I figured I’d just make a poll about whether or not you would like the option.
Not based on whether you think they’d do it or not, just if you’d appreciate the ability to upload from a laptop or PC

  • I’d like the option
  • I don’t think this should be a feature

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Thank you for participating/discussing :slight_smile:

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There are already several threads about this topic. Dom has already confirmed that V2 will have the option to upload video in one of these threads.


That’s not what I’m talking about. He confirmed being able to upload videos from the camera roll on your phone. I’m asking if people want to be able to upload from a PC

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If people can upload from their camera roll, then they could just drag and drop into their phone from their pc. The ability to upload from pc cuts out the extra step and would be way more convenient.

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Some people don’t have space enough to add a file to their phone just to turn around and upload it. It’d be really helpful to just be able to upload straight from a computer :slight_smile:

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Yes, and I think it would be even more convenient for creators like Zach King

Who’s that?

Would really apperciate the ability to upload from a PC. It would be so helpful!

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@Dom could we get this to be a feature?

Yeah, it’ll not only let us create higher quality content, being to adjust the timing end tempo to work perfectly under 6.5 seconds is welcome

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I am going to use this option