How To Treat Creators

A few days ago i watch a YouTube video of Jake Paul being interviewed. During the interview he gets a question about v2 about if he will come back to Vine. Jake Paul responds to them and says he won’t use v2 because of how he and other creators we’re treated on Vine. I don’t want any other Viner to say they won’t use v2 because they won’t get paid. So maybe there is another way to treat every creator equally, and have a way to make a living off of v2 somehow. Just an idea even though we should be doing Vine for fun because we haven’t had it for a year, and v2 will bring back memories, and happiness.


what do you mean how they were treated?

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For me I personally think all the old creators cared about was getting paid. The old platform was a social media thats it. It was not intended to make anyone money. But now we live in a world where you can make a living by using social media so it really isn’t the developers job to make us any type of money. I wonder if I am being clear enough? :confounded:


i agree. Plus, now that they were getting bigger and bigger, they wanted to have all the money, I think it was a combined 34 mil that the 17 viners wanted to keep it going. bull crap if i’m being honest.


Yes you are being clear, and you make a good point.

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I hope all of the Paul’s don’t use it, because they have already ruined YouTube, same as Lele pons.


Very true. We’ve already seen what the Paul brother have done to YouTube, what would they do to v2?


I mean instagram doesnt monetize u the way yt does, theres ways wwe can always get paid


i believe second chances but if they are the same like they were before I believe they should be taken off

If one is truly “creating” one shall find peace and happiness within each new foundation, never should money play a factor inside ones creations! #philosophy #love #organizedmind

They didn’t only care about the money (for the most part). There was literally 0 communication between the viners and vine. And no, ofcourse the developers shouldn’t have to pay them, however when they’re the ones bringing in millions of viewers to your app, you should show them some respect/create clear communication. That is why Dom is trying so hard to create these forums and what not - he doesn’t want their to be a huge communication issue like there was on vine.