How To Train Your Dragon Has Perfected Ending Series, Something Disney Can’t Do

I’m a huge animation fan. I love seeing animation movies and recently some of my favorite are the HTTYD series. Everything about it is beautiful, the animation is STRIKINGLY great, the story is so beautiful, it isn’t predictable, and it knows how to make you cry and feel emotions towards characters. If you have seen all three, you know what I mean. They’re god damn beautiful and funny and cute and EVERYTHING ELSE a movie series should be. Now I figured “How can I drive home that these are better then, let’s say, recent movie series?” Well let me do that by showing some recent movie series that, in my opinion, dissapoints or just is Bland after awhile. Here we go :slight_smile:

Toy Story 1-4

Now if you wanna make a movie series make one with a strong ending to cap it all off, to make people more happy then sad to see it go. That’s what Toy Story 3 did for me. Now if you live under a cave and don’t know how it ends, I’m pretty sure someone already told you that Andy leaves his toys behind because he needs to go to college with a new girl so they can still be played with, and it caps off a perfect movie series with a beautiful heart touching ending… NOW HERE COOOOMES TOY STORY 4 BECAUSE WHY THE HECK NOT! WERE DISNEY, WE NEED THE MONEY (APPARENTLY)! You dont cap off a movie series then randomly shit out a 4th because money. Its going to be BAD! Sure, maybe it’s okay, maybe I’m just spitballing here, but why would you make a 4th after a clearly finished ending? That’s not how you end it like at all. That’s like my grandma dying and there’s a sad funeral and then 3 years later SHES BACK AND SHES A RODEO CLOWN WOOPIEE! Like no, stop, please just die and Rest In Peace, thank you.

Cars 1-3
I keep forgetting the shit show of a movie that was second. I mean, it’s abit obvious what the movies are about already, its a comeback story. I’ll admit the third one was sortof a good selfless ending than I suspected, but what does this movie series do that’s wrong? Make a weird fucking 2nd that makes 0 sense but for money and merchandise that no one would like. Even your 6 year old will be confused like I remember seeing it when it came out and I was not even entertained, it was boring and annoying. If they threw out the second and just made the third the second, I think it would’ve been an okay movies series. But, alas, money is a problem for Disney. They’re practically broke at the moment so I can get why they made the second afterall.

Pirates of the Carribean
This is my guilty pleasure of movie series. It might be my favorite even though they’ve been bad recently, I just really enjoy these movies. I feel like I would have enjoyed them more if they DIDNT MAKE SO MUCH OF THEM AND ENDED ON THREE! I mean, the third, to be granted, isn’t the best of movies, but they stretched it out for far too long and I love the POTC series and I can’t get enough but I’d much rather have 3 good movies than have 3 movies and 3 oh god what the shit movies. I mean I’ll always love them because I really enjoy them for the action and the cgi can be cool and the villains are interesting and they throw in cool Easter eggs, but heck off and stop making them please.

Now, I might make it seem like I hate disney films. I truly do not hate them. Intact I love their singular releases a lot recently and I loved Incredibles 2 , and I’m excited for future releases. But what makes me upset is the lack of them trying to make stuff because $$$ and not because they wanna tell a good story. Its sad to know that I’d rather watch Chicken Little then go through these movie series all over again. I dont know that’s my little rant, if you guys have any comments please comment or arguments. Thank you, have a good day or whatever :’)


Haven’t had the chance to see it, but looking forward to it


Did the movie release already? i missin out

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I’m looking forward to watching HTTYD3. And I agree with Toy Story, it was about Woody’s adventure with Andy. As much as I want a new movie, it should have ended there.


Haven’t seen it yet. I heard it was a really good ending. Hopefully, I’ll see it next week! :blush:

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