How to succeed at V2

HOW TO SUCCEED AT V2 - advice from someone who failed at vine

  1. Into - Hey everyone. I’m here to
    Give my opinion on what will and won’t work with v2 based off my previous experience with v*ne.
    (This won’t be short)

  2. First and foremost let’s talk about Vne. The platform was a slow start which gave individuals months to figure out their niche. Getting to a popular page was something that was actually possible even if you weren’t a popular account. By the end of Vne this was impossible. The popular page was literally run by the same people creating huge success for them and zero to no success for anyone else.

v2 will have a much shorter window to get noticed than V*ne did. Why? Because everyone who was on it will come back, also a ton of new users will come to the platform as well.

  1. Algorithms - every app uses some sort of
    Method (algorithm) to get content pushed to a front page. This is all based upon likes, thumbs ups, favorites, views etc. knowing or having some understanding of these algorithms will help tremendously. When starting v2 post often. Use hashtags. Use hashtags then delete them. Post late at night. Post early in the morning. Try everything and figure out what is working. You can also watch larger pages and mimic their upload times / strategies.

  2. Youtube - Youtube is currently kicking out all of its content creators that aren’t posting often or don’t have a large following. Well, it’s not literally kicking them off, but it’s algorithm is giving the money and the views to larger accounts who post longer and more frequently. This means that these content creators will hop onboard the v2 train as well. You can look at this as more potential friends, or more potential competition.

  3. Content - When V*ne was brand new no one knew what to do. I remember one of the most popular accounts in the first few months was a guy who threw random objects into his garbage disposal. Eventually artists took over creating content that was worth watching. I personally didn’t ever know what to post and came up with the tackiest 6 second videos that only got likes because they featured other larger accounts.

Basically, make content not crap. Put effort into your videos, collab with others, make a story, have a punch line, create something people actually want to Watch.

My approach - I plan on pre meditating ideas for videos that I can create so when the app finally launches I can have content immediately. If you are remotely serious about V2 I would reccomens you do the same. I plan on engaging with V2 as a community and following / making friends with accounts that are likeminded and show potential for growth. I plan on using the advice I wrote previously about algorithms to get the most out of my uploads. MOST IMPORTANTLY I want to have fun with my content. If I don’t, my viewers won’t.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask questions :v:


Great words!

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Great advice :ok_hand:

Wow a lot of people are now complaining about YouTube… never thought it’d get unpopular in 2018

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I don’t get the adding hashtags then deleting them later part y thoo

This is good stuff man👌🏻

Nice job! :sunglasses:

Solid advice, definitely takes “smart” work rather than necessarily “hard” work, there will definitely be different strategies that emerge for V2. It’s going to be fun to see how it works!

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Nice post

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I agree! Quality content must be rewarded and seen. This just makes it that more exciting to make videos for v2!

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When v*ne launched you had popular hashtags. You could comment on your video with those popular hashtags, then immediately delete them and your video would still show up in those categories. You would get a lot more views/likes and not look like one of those accounts that spam hashtags. - they took that away with the first big update.

Man I’m completely in the same boat. I got to vine late in the game and implemented my sketch comedy style to vine and I did way better then I did on YouTube. I feel like YouTube is a platform for prank videos and well… gaming related stuff.


Great advice! I’m currently writing down ideas everyday as well. I’m just worried about how many times I should post b/c I don’t want to be left in the dust

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Great post bro, I have pretty good experience with V*ne and learned the algorithm with a team and worked from there. You seem pretty passionate and motivated about this, If you’re down to work together on something or talk further send me a message or hit me up on Insta@ shoyboy


You won’t if you just do your thing and post good content and meet other artists aswell. It all falls into place when you start meeting others


Ok, that makes me feel more reassured haha. And yeah, you’re totally right.


WOWie u spent some good time on this ty

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Wonderfull advice. Spoken like a true viner.

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Great comment. I’m passionate about vine too. I wanna start creating good content aswell.

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I don’t think everyone will come back. Many will, may be even the majority, but a significant number of the former Vine big guns won’t come back. They’ve built up their new audience (or took their existing ones with them. Or both) on YouTube/Instagram/other and will be busy enough running that. Why would they risk that?

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