How to stop spam

as we can see byte is full of bots and it looks like the team will be working hard to contain the spam.
I suggest that make it impossible to comment “follow” on the videos >> at least for now << since 99% of spam contains this word “follow”
(data from the I think institute)

okok what u think about it


shilly spoke about this earlier

only for other people’s posts



At least give us the option to block users from commenting on any of our posts moving forward, as I’m getting the same people posting “FOLLOW MY ACCOUNT LOL” on every post I make


If you go to their account there’s a menu (…) right next to the follow button. You can block them from there, and delete their comment. I’ve been blocking like crazy.

If you are on android you may not have the option. As far as I know staff was working on fixing that


Yeah that must be it, i’m on android and all I have is the option to view rebytes


Yeah, there was a problem with that.

Until they manage to fix it, if you want to report those accounts you could post screenshots on this thread.
IF you just wanted them gone, you’ll have to wait a little bit unfortunately.


Have you updated your app? I had that issue on android too, but then i realized it was just cause the fix didn’t auto update. Now i’m goin on blocking sprees, its really fun

Yeah looks like I have the option now!

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That’s a great idea, ban certain words like “follow for follow” “like for like” and “rebyte for rebyte.”

I wonder after banning these words, someone would like something like “I have fallen in love with your byte, and if I may ask you to press my picture, select my newest byte, and press that vertically diagonal arrow, and tap the first button in Green, I would appreciate it.” lol