How to respond to the chaos

with the flood of ‘tiktok kids’ on the app, byte has received so much wonderful publicity! but alongside this has come lots of hate. this post is simple- my advice is: respond to the hate with kindness. these kids are just having a laugh but don’t truly mean any harm. it’s very different right now and it will calm down soon but don’t fight it with more hatred or sass, rather be nice and let them know they’re welcome here. it’s important to let the newcomers know that they’re welcome or else they’ll be hostile back and the community will progress into being incredibly toxic.
they’re not used to older people being on tiktok so this is new to them- make it clear that you’re all kind and just here to enjoy the app like they are.

you can’t fight fire with fire : )


Honestly, y’all have been doing a great job of being kind back and it’s obviously making an impact for the better!

Keep it up, friends!!


that’s really good! a lot of them are rejecting the kindness but a lot are also accepting it and that’s what matters. keep it up : )


there’s loads of old people on tiktok tbh. from what ive seen anyway

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My god they really want to have sects of Byte tho. Like bruh we all own the app just vibe.