How to protect our content and identity

I’m just curious to see what everyone has been doing or most excited for! I’ve been writing scripts for Byte and that’s been funn! I think we can make this app take off if it’s advertised for properly. I’m on Twitter @ishquentin if at all interest in discussing the app w me. I’ve been hearing some cool things about the app and honestly there’s a chance it could one day be bigger than Vine was.
Another question is how should badges work on the app? Honestly we don’t want people pretending to be us and reposting our stuff so should there be a way to identify yourself by sending persay a picture of your ID to the Byte staff and that way we could have official accounts without getting pirated. And for celebrities or popular Byters they can have a different official badge. Like one for being an official account owner and another for official popular accounts. I know Dom wanted something like this because he wanted official accounts to have badges but not the same ones as for example Kingbach or JakePaul because unpopular people might be too cocky according to Dom. But I think identifying accounts for people would be smart because we work hard for things that shouldn’t be stolen. :slight_smile:


ive jus been getting video ideas on the go famalam


I think it should be sort of a matter of impact. There would be basic awards you’ll get for hitting certain milestones (1k…5k…10k…25k…) and then I think at about 15k you should get a basic verification which really just suggests you are doing well as a creator. I think the youtube system with tiered play buttons is a really good way to set it up, because it gives people milestones to work for. These may or may not show on the profile, but as it seems, you guys want to do a kind of trophy system.

When it comes to verifying personalities, I don’t really have any insights into how it works, but using verification badges of different colors may be a good way to set it up. On identity verification, you would give them a basic byte verification badge, and then an option to pick a color based on their content. I feel this may be a good way to help the general public with recognizing creators, as seeing an account branded with a purple badge may pique your interest since you’re a fan of the topic it represents (like art, for example), while an orange check mark may be a topic you’re not interested in at all (like gaming).

You guys could be the only ones rocking the tri-color byte badges which would be easily distinguishable from the rest.


I mocked this up real quick as examples of what I was thinking. Grey, for example, would be the 1k milestone, red the 5k, green could be for music Byters, and the final would be the staff specific. byte%20badge%20examples


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Really awesome idea there! I personally love it! If they did that it would be unique and could draw in more people. Thanks for insight :slight_smile:

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Dom has said little about the topic of the “verification badge” saying that it is going to be “something different” so whatever that means i’m sure there will be a system and i’m excited for it!


Definitely agree with the id and then some other form of government id. The only problem with that is how it varies from country to country

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I am not sending my ID for being validated. Rather not.

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Been thinking the same thing if we have to give two official government ids to byte it would reduce the chance of someone pretending to be us by a lot rather than using email verification in 2019

That does raise a good point. I’m actually worried there will be multiple MarshTheMimes running around Byte. That’s kinda why I put up a selfie or two on the Byte Discord, so that they know who the real MarshTheMime is :smiley: just trying to be safe heh

This is PERFECT!!

I especially like solar flares idea because it provides category identification. I think one thing that YouTube is missing is different identifications other then just a standard check mark. It’s important for musicians and businesses especially to have a different identification or badge, because they make very different content then regular creators ( businesses make mostly promotions, and musicians make mostly music)

Another problem with that is that most people would be concerned especially if personal info were to get leaked or whatever.

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In my opinion it dosen’t matter. Nothing on the internet is a 100% secure and we all know that.

Other than your social security number (in the US), there’s not really any other form of government id, other than a drivers license, and passport, and I don’t know if a lot of people would want to share that information on a social media app.

Since the internet isn’t 100% secure, I’m sure most people don’t want to take the chance for things that important to get leaked, or even misused by people working at byte in the future. Even though everyone probably trusts Dom and the team right now with that info, people hired in the future may not be that trustworthy. Idk though, just my opinion.:man_shrugging: