How to Make V2 Successful

Ok so im a big youtuber/ ex viner and theres alot of things ive learned from online video creating that i think could help.

First, there should be a discover section and a trending section!
The discover section should be for small creators who start to gain attention, many apps only feature populars users on the discover page which makes it impossible for smaller users to be “discovered”

As far as revenue goes you should only get ad placements after a certain number of channel views have been reached. Placing ads on everyones vids from the start would just cause spam. Users should get at least 80-90% of their earnings.

There should be creative freedom, with everything going on with youtube im sure creators will support v2 knowing they can post whatever they want.

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Basically like a Instagram/YouTube hybird ?

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Here is my suggestion to fix vine old problems and make V2 successful
V2 should keep the same features as vine had
_no need to restore the old vines it will take too much time (sorry)
_the trending page should feature vines for content and not determined by views or follower count
_ the main page of the user could feature a pin system where the user can pin an ad so whoever goes to page of the user can see the ad first
_sponsorship vines and the ability to add links to the description
_the same creators can not be featured on the trending page more than three times a week
_the ability to favorise vines and the more you
You get favourite the more you get the chance of being part creators of the week witch displays your vines in the trending page
_the concept of favorite points you can only have one a day and you use it to favor a vine and the vines that have the most favorite point get to be in the trending page

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Did vine even have ads, i don’t remember any but i have a poor memory

Yes, Vine did have ads, but they were posted by people with large followings who made their own deals with the companies that they advertised.

So vine wasn’t even making profit?

Vine already had a “Discover” type of page, they called it “On The Rise.” The problem is that it was very much like the Popular page, based on which videos were getting lots of attention.

Instead it should be called Discover, and the videos shown should be based on what you, personally, like, not what everyone else likes. Instagram does this well. It learns what kind of content you like and will show you more of what it thinks is similar content. If you see a video you don’t care for, you can click on “Show me fewer videos like this.” So it will be different for everyone and not exactly what everyone else is seeing. This would enable more artists to get seen by more people because it’s not simply a popularity contest. That’s what the Popular page will be for.

I also hope V2 doesn’t place too much emphasis on the Popular page. I think that just engendered a lot of hostility and negativity because after a while it was always the same people there, and it was hard to discover new people.

No, Vine didn’t really have any model for making revenue, it was a big oversight on the management of Twitter. See this article, it explains what happened…

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I agree 100% on that, I believe vine slowly died off from all the spam too from outside ads