How to make time go faster

So yeah V2 is coming around summer break wich makes it a pretty long time to wait if you’re exited like me (and makes my release date prediction “blog” completly wrong). The only way to make the release date arrive faster is to “hack” time, so make days go faster. And I got a few methods to do just that.

  1. Be busy
    Being busy most of the time everyday is probably the best way to make time fly. Its preferable to be busy with things that you like: playing basketball, video games, movies, books whatever you want. Making a tight scheduale will also help you to be busy most of the time. School can also keep you busy and make time fly. I remember when I was in 7th grade I felt like the year was actually 3 months because I always got caught up in some projects and tests and was kept busy.

  2. Start a new project
    Projects will make your head think about something else than V2. The more your working on them the more you will forget about V2. Its preferable to make a long project that you like example: make an animated video, write a book etc.

  3. Start something new
    Starting something new is also a good way to make time go faster. Just a few days ago I started playing GTA V online and man time went superfast. If you find something new that you really like doing you’re gonna keep doing that and not get bored. Being bored is the best way to make time go in slow-mo :snail:

  4. Stop focusing on V2
    Do other things than think about V2. If you only think about V2 of course your also gonna think about the release date and its gonna bore you out to do that everyday.

  5. Set yourself goals
    Setting yourself goals is a combination of projects AND being busy. Wether it is Gaining 10 000 subscribers before the V2 release date or ameliorating your grades goals will help a lot.

I think this all I got. I hope that you enjoyed reading this topic and that it was helpful. If you also have a method to make time go faster that I didn’t mention say it in the comments. Thank you very much for reading this😃. Before you leave it would be very lovely of you to just fill in this survey.

Bye now!!!


thanks for this! filling out the survey now

Thank you for this- by doing the survey what information can you view? ex ip, emails etc. I hope its kinda anonymous

I cant see anything but the results and country( if u choose to tell me)

I will use your method when the school starts hahaha

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Hibernation tends to help me with that. In all seriousness though, don’t rush your way through life!! There will always be things we are looking forward too and the future is full of novelty, but there’s novelty in the present too. Don’t forget to be happy now and do the things you want now because you never know what will happen.

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Nice post, good job!

Number 4 is gonna be the hardest :sob:

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When you want to focus on things other than V2 but feel like leaving the forums is a cardinal sin

Hahhaha thanks tho

Timetravel. Simple as that.

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I don’t think thinking about the release date will bore me :hugs: if anything I’d get more excited :grin:



Truth. That’s literally what I’m doing rn

OR— you can set the time zone to one that’s already in Summer and then feel dumb about it afterwards :sunglasses:

Heck yeah

Or you could start making your videos so you can post immediately once v2 launches.