How to keep v2 running as long as possible

I get your point. But if creators have to give a % of their sponsorship to V2 what’s stopping them from doing it on IG or YT where they keep 100% of the revenue?

Do creators keep 100% on Youtube? I can believe IG, but youtube must take a %. I feel like this model would work more for smaller content creators, where there is literally no inconvenience, and the % would not be as high.

If a creator works directly with a brand 100% of the money goes to the creator for the video itself, but the ad rev still is shared with YT

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I think ads on instagram are effective where one appears after you scroll through so many photos on your home page.

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good point, good point.

Maybe. The banner ads I was talking about would only show sometimes, but the once in awhile ad placement where a video would be might work well.

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You can have some viners advertise something and have some of the money go to v2

I have to admit the 6 second thing made me laugh.

This sounds like a great idea, but sadly having too many ads could kill the experience on the app.

that’d be dope, but we don’t want ads to kill this app

For v2 to get more money here could be a barrier where after (let’s say 30 clips- if the vines are still six second clips that would be 3 minutes of full on vine streaming) a total -30 clips?- vine could place adverts and if you don’t want to watch them you can pay so much a year to stop them. Possibly, although not too much because some people couldn’t afford it. (Bannered ads hopefully)

yeah i understand that having too many ads might kill the app, but look how instagram runs or snapchat. even if it were ads not associated with the creator, the app does show us ads every once in a while (instagram more than snapchat). It’s a way to keep the app going, and we really have to let them do their thing because it IS a free app.

Beautiful idea.

I have written this in some other thread
I think ads (not like Instagram ones) are the best. But since the Ad-revenue model is declining and brands sponsoring artists with a large voice, v2 should demand “incentives” of the sponsorship amounts,
v2 should place ads like Instagram and pay the artist with [Cost Per 1000 Loops] or [Cost Per Every View] and pay out to content creators which makes income much more consistent and income can be calculated much more fair.

I think both of these thing should be implemented. Please make @dom read this if you’re also interested in seeing this implemented. Thanks in advance.


Sort of related to revenue I guess. But I really hope the community of V2 is not like Vine. I’m really hoping that this audience will not make the same people famous as the first app. I want the community to make other community members popular so we discover better talent and get fresh faces. All the old viners (Lele pons, Paul brothers etc.) already made their start and are good off. We should promote a new age of viners.

The 6 second videos actually showcased people’s talents because you had to put good content into a 6 second video

Gotta have those sweet sweet memes.

If I’m being honest they should use pop up ads not video ads so you don’t watch a 10 second ad for a 6 second video.Also if BIH STARS are going on other platforms don’t recommend them for ads as much,because they don’t need the ad revenue.

People need to work to get verified. People don’t deserve to be verified if they quit cause its “too hard.”

Their should be V2 merch that you can buy to keep V2 going see they can get money

Yes. Something along the lines of that. Just for some extra revenue.