How to handle incorrect /channel debates?

This applies to any sort of moderation tbh.
Just got my first takedown for a timelapse where I drew Bugs Bunny, and had Kanye’s H, B, F, S as the track. Thought I would post as an example of a fair way to handle it.

Basically it explains why the video is flagged, and gives you the chance to dispute the issue if you disagree.

In this case, I’ll delete, because obviously Kanye didn’t give me the OK. It’s funny though because I think this vid is over a year old and suddenly UMG hits me with a takedown. :man_shrugging:

For byte purposes, I think a similar format would be good.

  1. Get a notification in your :zap:Feed that is unique looking with a basic short explanation.
  2. Click on the notification and It takes you to a website where you can get a full explanation of why you got flagged, and your byte is in limbo/lockdown.
  3. Have the option to dispute(form), change to another channel, download to edit, or delete.

I would like the option to download and edit/correct in app because in the case of this Instagram, I don’t have the original vid, and I’d love to repost it without the music, or even see the :heart: and comments etc.

Again, I’d prefer a curator role for the channels vs the current moderator throw in /other or criticizing that something isn’t /channel enough.

If byte is for creativity, encourage it. Give people room to experiment and try new things. Some of the best memes and ideas came from people messing around in Vine and doing goofy stuff, that weren’t traditional. I saw a post talking about the idea of posting a horror film in a series of bytes. The first 9 would have not seemed like /horror, but when they got to the end :scream::exploding_head::scream:.

In the current state, it would be thrown to /other within the first day. And the creative would just go somewhere else to post tbh.

I’d rather the /channels be a showcase of what’s best vs a coin flip if getting your post thrown into /other.


Bump since I am still seeing lots of people concerned about /channel moderation.

Does anyone else have suggestions on how you think the moderation of channels should be handled?

  • Challenge Flag
  • Limbo/Dispute Process (:eyes::point_up_2:)
  • Current move to /other no notify
  • Delete
  • Limbo creator can pick new channel

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