How to get to 1k likes?

I wanna know how do you get to 1k ikes or greater than that.

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Make something funny


What’s your byte

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It takes good content, timing, and just plain luck. I’ve had one post blow up and its juuuuust short of 1k likes. However i gained some new followers and engagement on my posts went up so gaining more likes per post is probably more likely! Just make content you enjoy and eventually it will get more attention :slight_smile:


u got 10 bucks bro?


It’s about hard work and determination, let’s say i post a funny meme on byte, I don’t expect it to go viral instantly, some of my bytes got more than 10 likes from no promotion because I put in funny content. I just got to plan the skit, edit it, double check and then upload it and share it.


To get to 1k likes you really have to get featured on the main page. My most liked byte is at 1.3k likes, the second is only at 86 lmao. How it got that many likes isn’t even by being featured alone, for reasons that I’m still not sure of Eric Dunn saw my byte 3 hours after I posted it which at the time only had 12 likes (and in the first minute too so they were like all bots), rebyted it, and through the sheer volume of loops and likes that came trickling in got featured.


I guess it would be post content that you find enjoyable. You don’t need to change so you can get the likes. Just be yourself and just be natural. One of my bytes that blew up got around 27K loops and 1.4K likes and it was just me being me. That video also blew up 2 days after I posted it so sometimes it just take patience. It might not hit what you want it to hit right after you upload it sometimes you got to be calm and wait cause you will get your time. Hope this helps!


experience drives creativity, creativity drives me on Byte :dizzy:

Interacting with people.


If you’re new just keep at it, I’ve got 20+ Bytes (I think I have anyways) and the maximum likes I got was 25 smth! (Even though I have ~100 followers)

Most popular Byters are beta testers so they have had more time to develop their accounts. I gotta catch up xD

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I’m probably going to echo what others have said but the tldr is that you can’t specifically aim to get 1k likes, you’ll just end up being disappointed and its a very unhealthy way to think about it.

It’s a complete guessing game as to what byte you make actually gains traction. Some of the Bytes I genuinely thought were going to be popular have been far less “successful” than others and you have to be okay with that.

Just like gaining followers you need to just try and make something your proud of and try and post somewhat consistently. There are also lots of helpful posts on developing yourself and your channel that are far more likely to help you get better viewership.

Good luck and please don’t chase numbers or your doing it for the wrong reasons!!

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draw a pentagon and circle, set up your candles and post your video from center of the pentagon

don’t forget goat blood bro

note: joking no offense please :slight_smile: just try to find your own proper style. in my perspective all people are talented but they just don’t know their own style and they are struggling on acting. find your way, let people understand your way and go on. you will have what you want.

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I just posted my best video yet. Well see how it does. It should get a lot of likes. @Iceflexor24

Look, getting a big account to rebyte a GOOD byte is the only way at this point.

really trying with my recent!! at 800 likes rn :heart: trying to break that milestone!!


Wow self promotion kassidy… jk :white_heart: everyone should go check out your recent :wink:


Kass’ bank transactions be looking like -30$, -30$, -30$, -30$ …


lol thanks josh :joy: :heart:


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