How To Get Music or SFX in Your bytes?

Completely out of the blue here, but I’ve seen a ton of byters so far that use music/sfx in their bytes and I was just wondering how they did that. If anyone on here uses these in their own bytes, leave a reply below for how I and other hopefuls can use it too

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Editing in other programs!


What I personally do is instead of downloading the song onto my phone from my computer I either screen record the song on youtube and just remove the video portion and keep the audio, or if I’m super lazy I place my phone in one of my headphone ear cups and record it and just import it onto videoleap which is the best free video editing app I’ve came across.

All good so far, guys. What I may do is keep my bytes simple for the time being, but I’ll definitely keep all this in mind. Keep the info coming, guys!

I use cute cut pro. It’s an iOS editing app.

Alright, that should work for me when I’m filming on my iPad. Does anyone know how it works with Android?

I don’t even record using mobile. I’ve made it a lot more complicated for myself, but I way prefer quality over quantity. I use a Canon Vixia HF R400 to record, I import all my videos via SD, then edit using Sony Vegas, and upload them to Google Drive where I download them and upload them to Byte. It’s just a lot easier to get the small details.

@PlasticRice if you wanna check me out. I do small little skits. :^) I reciprocate any likes, follows, and rebytes.

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You know, I actually use Sony Vegas for my YouTube videos so that may not be a bad idea! And yes, I’m following you there too, you’ve got some good stuff!

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also on android

Anybody know any android editing programs?

Inshot, VivaVideo, Videoshop, Dubsmash


Thank you !!!