How to get discovered on v2

I was checking out Doms twitter, and one of the priorities is to “Make it easier to discover people” I believe a way to this is, make it easier to find creators by region. By being able to search by country, state, city, province. Also having Top “viners” by World, Country, State, city etc. I haven’t checked if another member of the forum has covered this, but what do you guys think of this? How was it like this like on the vine app if they did this?

(edit) Along with being able to search by region. Have the option of being able to search the category of that region. For example, “Musicians in Atlanta”

(edit) Along with that, another way is for the vine team to have there favorite vines of the week, month, year, etc. They can also have best creators of the week, month, year, etc. Along with that have best vines of the week, month, etc.


good idea , it will make it easier to find more artists


good idea!


Similar threads have been posted. However, it is an interesting idea! :heh:


thanks! I will check those out now. You guys are quick lol

Wow you have a good point and idea there i like it!!

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thank you!

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It would be a cool idea to get discovered by region but I guess it could also be a negative if you live in a very rural/farmland town there wouldn’t be too many people to discover you. Although, if you live somewhere like New York, Chicago, LA then it wouldn’t be AS hard to get discovered but I still think this is a good idea.


What about hashtags? What if we want to look up puppy or pet videos. Like #dogs or something and all the videos of that hashtag will comes up from most recent to oldest videos


While this idea is mentioned in other threads, wouldn’t it also be necessary to have that be an option for the user? I don’t plan on speaking for the whole of the platform, but there are some people and definitely parents/guardians of children who might use it who want to keep their location a secret. Imo, having a “top artist by location” capability is all well and fine, so long as it’s the choice of the artist to share that information.


I would like to see disoverability by video type: Comedy, Stop Motion Animation, Drawing, Singing, Question, Vlog etc…


I like that idea. Especially in smaller areas it would be way easier to find people who make content that you could collaborate with


Absolutely agree with this one. Especially for people outside the States


Isn’t this similar to Snapchat, though?

I don’t think we should go too late into locations due to privacy, we should divide by category. There are previous threads.


yeah but as concerns have been raised in the other 2 posts, this might make it easy for predators to find easy targets for example children. Thus I think maybe there should be a age requirement(16+?) for creators to be able to share their location and obviously an option for creators to choose whether they want to share their location.

Also of course no exact locations should be allowed except for maybe like tourist locations? Like you can only put the general area, like a city as the location for most places unless that area is a very popular tourist attraction(eg u can put eiffel tower as ur location instead of Paris if u made ur video there?).


I personally don’t like the GPS thing. I just want to to be easier to find people in your region. Or being able to see top creator I the world, or top creator in the US Etc. Not really just a pin point location.

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very true I didn’t even think of the predators think I definitely think it should be for people +16. But I don’t want it to be the exact location of that vine because that is very dangerous for numerous reasons. But instead the next major city. For example, if you live in near Los angles you have the option of putting Los Angeles if you want to be discovered faster.

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The problem with GPS is that, only people from big cities will succed


you could still do it by state and country.