How To Ethically Grow Your Account On v2

EDIT: Wow! Really excited you guys have found this helpful! I have changed the title of this thread from “How To Get Famous On v2” to its newer, more proper phrasing. To be clear, fame as a conceptual goal is a negative thing (in my opinion) but there is a huge opportunity for personal fulfillment to be made through increasing your follow count - and yes, money to be made, as well. Still, having a large account is a huge responsibility with many potential consequences. This advice is given with the assumption that you will all treat your followers with dignity and respect. You are incredibly lucky to have them and they can (and often will) leave at any given moment. With that said, let’s get to the stuff!!!


I’ve noticed that a lot of people are curious about growing popular accounts on v2. I had around 192k on Vine and was verified before the app went down. my vine name was Ricky Montgomery. i also had side accounts with ~30k total followers collectively. maybe that qualifies to talk about this? maybe not! i will anyway.

these will probably be mostly anecdotal so read at your own risk !!! and don’t hate me if nothing i say here ends up applying. v2 will be a much different app that none of us will be able to properly ruminate about until the beta becomes available and we hopefully gain access to it

ONE: you need to figure out the algorithms.

It’s very romantic to say you only need to make good content but this is not true. It’s not. You need to know how to properly use the platform you plan on getting famous off of. fully familiarize yourself with how the popular page(s) behave for your numbers to rise.

Early on in Vine (2013-15ish), this was done primarily through likes per time. If a vine got x amount of likes (~200 in early 2013; ~1,000 in 2015) within a certain threshold of time (~1 hour was a pretty consistent general rule), your post would become placed on the popular page and would then be exposed to the entirety of the app. This would last for 12hrs max.

Later on, once Vine was beginning to nose dive, they had a team that curated most of the content on the popular pages. This was supposed to eliminate any abusing of popular page algorithms (revine teams were a huge issue here and were very hated. Logan Paul was a revine 4 reviner, for context). it created issues though because it mostly eliminated immediate access to popularity by smaller accounts, making it even more difficult to break through as a new artist.

TWO: Make Friends

Even more important for longevity on Vine was making friends. Everybody did this. From Kingbach to Keelayjams to Shawn Mendes. Every viner you can think of used this strategy to instigate their following. You need to become a fixation in the community. Make friends with people who are creating content that’s similar to yours.

Art and music communities will form along with other communities. More specifically, there will be actual organized groups that have group texts and officially brand themselves as groups that will inevitably come into existence. On Vine, we had groups like Unpopular Now and then some secret groups that were made up by many of the biggest viners on the app. Join those groups and become familiar faces in those groups. Almost every job I’ve had from age 19 to now at 24 has been because of people I met on Vine. soft warning: if you get to join the secret groups, stay humble. it can and probably will come crashing down at any given moment

THREE: Create incredible content and post it at extremely short and regular intervals.

love your craft. care about your craft. vine was, for a time, an incredibly exciting platform full of passionate optimistic faces making amazing, funny and challenging content. v2 has a real shot at being the next great app here - or they could completely flop like Pheed. it’s truly impossible to know. don’t focus on that. focus on earnestly falling in love with the content you’re creating and making it A LOT.

Seriously. every day. every single day. don’t skip a day. if you do, someone else didn’t skip the day that day and they’re blowing past you because of it. this is really how this stuff works and you’ll learn to love it (maybe)

that’s it! that’s all i’ve got right now. my favorite part of vine was the initial 2013 burst so v2 has got me very excited. i can’t wait to figure out an app in real time with a community again. guna be tight

more of my stuff if you’re interested in that:
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@rickymontgomery what kind of videos did you do man? If comedy let’s collab, I’m from Australia and I have like 60 video ideas written down


it’s honestly the most consistently important of all 3 tips

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yes! i look forward to being a resource for up and coming artists on v2. im extremely excited for its potential


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Guys, these tips seriously work! As soon as I figured out the algorithms, connected with other people, and posted often, I started making it to the popular channel. Too bad the app was already dying by then and the channel was then called “Comedy 2” or something like that😅 Great tips, Ricky!


Will keep you in mind, and thank you for your generosity :smile::pray: