How to Download/Export your Byte video for ANDROID USERS

If you’re an Android user and are unaware/ don’t know how to download your byte video because you would like to share it on other socials by having your ‘byte account name’ and the sweet ‘byte watermark’ underneath… here are the steps on how to do just that :smiley: [WITH PICTURES]

  • Click on the byte you’d like to download

  • Tap on the video and you’ll get the comment section pop-up
    You’ll see on the top right section the 3 icons “The 3 dots, The arrow, and The like button”
    Click on the arrow icon which will open a new pop-up

  • This pop-up gives you 4 options… Share, Copy link, Export, and More [The more Icon is just another “Delete option” You don’t need to go there unless you’re planning to delete your byte :joy: ] Click the “export” button which will begin to download/Encode your byte

  • Once done Encoding your phone will ask you where would you like to share this to? I personally send my exported video through Messenger by sending it to my dad or my younger brother and save it off there :joy: :joy: but you can try regular text, Email, or as a direct Social media post if you want to. The reason why you have to send your exported byte is that it doesn’t save directly to your gallery for some weird reason. so in order to actually get it saved into your gallery… you’re gonna have to send it through text or a messaging app where you can properly download it.
    [I haven’t tried it those ways but let me know if you do! maybe it might be easier idk]


I refuse to export any bytes into our community discord #byte-showcase channel, until we have control over the amount of times exported bytes can loop :triumph:


this is a much better explanation than mine, neefers approves

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This is for you bud @gts8675301 uwu :wink:

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