How to deal with hate

Hey I just wanted to remind everyone that if you plan to grow a following on vine, be prepared for some obstacles. A huge obstacle will be the receiving of hate. Of course many hate comments are easily push over comments but sometimes enough hate can really make a person feel insecure. Be reminded that hate is not a reflection of you. Constructive criticism is there to help you, but there is a fine line between. My suggestion is keep your private life separate from your internet so that you can keep yourself happy and healthy and know that people enjoy your content. Also it will prevent haters from digging deep into your private life :heart:️:heart:️


This is an awesome inspirational message. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I’m gonna try to get famous on here, and I appreciate the help! I’d describe myself as pretty easy going, but I’ve never had to deal with anything too rough.

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Awesome message man!!


ya okay so there are some mean toes in the world but we gotta just stick together here feet and feet alike. thats my motto man.


Tbh probobly the #1 reason for hate is jelousy. They’re jealous that they’re not as big as you.

and remember that you always have the option to delete the message and block the user :relaxed:

Be yourself bruh :100: Watch this