How to deal with fake/bot accounts on V2?

Reading an article in the New York times today about Devumi, a prominent website that openly sells Twitter followers, Instagram likes, YouTube views, etc.

According to some estimates 15% of Twitter’s active users are bots pretending to be real people. Facebook has an estimated 60 Million fake users. Clearly, the strategies used by these platforms to prevent this, aren’t working.

What can V2 do to prevent this from happening on such a large scale?

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OMG, is that real?

Sorry to say that I have no ideas on how to prevent this from happening at the moment, but I’ll do a bit of research tomorrow and get back to ya

Never even thought about that :confused: it sucks that people actually pay for fake views and followers

There’s no way on stopping it. You can buy followers and likes by so little. I saw a YouTube video about it and it’s incredible how easy can it be.

no way to stop all of it, but i can’t help but think that social media platforms could simply enforce their own policies more the problem would be leased.

i feel like part of the reason they aren’t enforced is that any follow, like, or view, is good for the platform. no matter how it’s acquired.

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So bad, the bots are the toxic part from an app

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The only way to solve this problem is by not letting outside strange websites/apps connect to v2. There are apps that will get you followers but will probably not include v2 as an option because it’s going to be a new app. So the only way to not let websites or apps buy followers or likes is by having it built in that the app. It won’t accept basically the request of buying followers. Can’t @dom just ban those websites or apps from v2? Some of them could hack into your account to trick you as well so it’s not safe. It’s better to ban websites from the app like that because that just shows that person isn’t putting their all in making these videos. For example, if someone bought 20,000 followers and the video is only getting 100 likes, it’s pretty obvious and also none of that will boost your audience. It’s a bunch of fake/ghost followers. I just hope people understand that if all they want is fame because of the high numbers, they’re in v2 for the wrong reasons.

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