How to check what email is linked to my Byte account

I mean I would write more but I feel like it’s all one the title


Depends on how many emails you have or how many different accounts you created?

I have 1 account but many emails but I need to confirm that a certain email is being used

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Did you try all the emails? Login to the emails and log out or close the app and try another until you find. I know it’s hard to find since you won’t get a message in your email inbox confirmation about ”byte”

I rather not log out when I don’t know what the email is :eyes:

You must not have more emails than Hillary Clinton :rofl::sweat_smile:

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did you use Google to log in?

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I know I used a gmail but that’s all I remember and I REALLY need to know

are you on a iPhone or android?


uhh yeah sorry then I have no Idea, because on sign up you have two options (apple and Google) on iPhone rather than the one Google option on android wich makes it a lot easier, sorry that I couldn’t help

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If you signed up for Byte with Sign In with Apple, you can check the email by going into Settings > Tap your Apple ID profile > Password & Security > Apps using your Apple ID and then find Byte. Tap on it and it should say “This App Received [your email you signed up for Byte, it’s unique]. If Byte isn’t there you likely signed up for Byte through Sign In with Google. You can check that by logging into your Google account then tap here.

Only option what I click was Apple or google so should be your Apple email or google email

Your Apple ID email when you Sign In with Apple WON’T be your Apple ID email but a email Apple generates and assigns to that you and that app.

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