How to be seen? (message for the byte team)

Hello byte community and byte team, I hope this message finds you well. I am very confused about how bytes reach an audience outside your following. As a non-beta user, I have only had a couple of days on the app but have posted around 10 videos, all of which have failed to be viewed by more than a couple of people.
What does adding a channel to your video do? Most of the videos on the channel pages are older or by beta/popular creators. What can new creators do to get the most exposer out of byte? Would hate for this to only be a viable platform for previous celebrities of vine or already popular social media influencers.


Id say comedy would be the most popular channel but also the hardest to compete with. So many people want to be comedians and you’re not the first. Keep trying and trying, making good content, and ask for collabs to help you out. And through that whole process dont get so worked up on stats. :sunglasses::ok_hand:


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Good on ya, Devyn.


i recommend exploring other channels, there’s so many diverse sub-communities of byte. i recently started getting involved in the fitness section, start with a small niche and build from there. :smiley:

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Give some time, pace yourself, and work on your content, I get it, most of the byters are struggling while already famous byters have taken over the field.

I am confident the Byte team is working on algorithm, categories, and opportunities for small and up-and-coming creators to shine. You are not alone in this, most of us are in your shoes, so don’t feel discouraged. We are all here to support each other (not through R4R groups necessarily) and make this app the best one!