How short / long would/could/should a username be?

Twitter handles have a limit of I believe 15 but must he at least 4 characters long. Any word on this for v2? Please leave links if possible. Thanks!

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No idea, hopefully not too short or too long. Good question!

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Any longer than 10-15 characters is too long imo

Some times people use their last name in their username

I really hope the minimum is 2-3, because there are so many times I wished the twitter minimum was 3 instead of 4.

for some reason, i did 18 has a maximum, minumum i think should be 2 or 3…

I don’t see any need for putting your full name in your username. Especially if you can have a full name display like twitter. The username should be nothing more than a quick identification marker

What about the many viewers on the app?

I think 15 is a good max. Anything lower is too short.

Have took a look at this?

Not to sure about the amount of characters allowed in user names, but this is good reading

I like my username

I think that the minimum 3 or 5 and the maximum 15

Dat me. lol.