How’s OEVO?

How’s OEVO so far to the ones using it?

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Its super laggy and buggy, but its kinda blowing up a little… People are going crazy for giveaways or something! Even Marlon Webb is on there! Btw I’m Bobby Bxtch on Oevo come check me out

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Yea but 2 weeks ago it was bad! now the app is alot better!

I haven’t used it, im waiting on the better opportunity.


The app is buggy and garbage. Vine 1.0 was a lot better despite it’s flaws at the time.


100% certifiable ass


its getting better that’s for sure. the appstore ranking just keeps getting higher

It’s altight but I can’t stand the colour scheme. Most followed on the app had about 20k rn.

I’ve watched some of the people on it and I’m yet to find anything funny but that’s just my sense of humour

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It does make you automatically follow some certain people that they pay to get sponsoring from so I think that also played a part in their high follow count as well

I do agree most of the comedy content I see are pretty cringe or just not funny at all, such as trying too hard to push the joke out

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All i know is that their logo sucks

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Interesting. They’re paying the right people to get into it tho


:joy: i see that you’re not v open to an app that is similar to v2

Well it’s pretty obviously a cash grab and the terrible interface is nearly unusable. If they focused on the app being good instead of trying to gain popularity and make money right away, they would have a fine app that competes with v2 (but they didn’t)

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yeah, that’s totally understandable. I’m not too keen on oveo as it was not planned out well and very little thought went into the app.

tOxic man, and not fun to use :x:

waittt i don’t mean to sound uneducated but what’s OEVO?

OEVO, is a different video social platform. I personally haven’t used it. Some forum users that are active, and excited for V2 have, though. They also gave their opinions. I say, If you’re interested do the research.

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