How often did V***rs upload?

I didn’t use the original Vine, so I’m curious as to how often Viners typically uploaded.

Popular YouTubers, for example, generally upload once a day, thoguh I’ve read PewDiePie in his prime uploaded twice a day sometimes. Seeing as how YouTube videos are generally significantly longer than the 6 second Vine, I’d imagine it’s have been expected of Viners to upload quite a number a day.

This must’ve been quite difficult to come up with several ideas for 6 second videos every day.

Just curious as to whether my theory asto the upload schedule of Vine is correct and as to what you guys think about it.


It depends on the person, The audience is formed depends on the artist. In the YouTube community in Spanish, videos are uploaded every 3 or 4 days, and they have more than 20 million subscribers. In Vine something similar happened, there were people who uploaded videos daily or every other day and others who did it every 3 or 4.

My recommendation is that you do not upload videos so often at the beginning, if you become successful and have no other responsibility than V2 there, Yes you can upload daily videos because it is your only focus in your life. But in the meantime you have to see it as a hobby because there is still no monetization option and I imagine that you have responsibilities either study or work.


a lot of the YouTubers I watch don’t upload daily. I was just gonna upload a few times a week, maybe daily occasionally :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Here are the typical numbers for youtube channels:

Gaming: 2-3 times a week
Vlogs: One a day / 3-4 times a week
Comedy skits: twice a week / once a week
DIY channels: 1-2 times a week
Storytime channels: 1-2 times a week

On Vine, the most popular viners use to upload from 2-5 times a day when they were in their prime. As the app started dying down, they started uploading 2-3 times a month, and when they just started, they’d upload 3-4 times a week.

The best schedule to ‘keep up’ with other artists would be 1-2 videos a day (if you can maintain that level of funny and won’t burn out).