How Often Are You Going To Post Bytes?

just curious I might post either every day or every 2 days


3 days like a part-time job lol


well between job and college I usually don’t have much time left, but I’ll try my best and try to post at least 2 per week

Atleast one time a day… gotta keep the content flowing even if it’s not a good as other days


i’m aiming for each day. only because i have time.

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i wanna do 2-3 times per day


1-2 a day, if i’m feeling really creative i’ll go for 3. gotta be consistent!


Because I already vlog a lot, I’ll probably vine everyday tbh

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Every day if I can try to and if the content Im making is good

Everyday. You guys gotta keep posting to get a bit notice. Remember they’re 6 second videos. One shouldn’t take more than an 5 mins. Some of the best vines just took 6 seconds to make. Example: road work ahead? Uh yea I sure hope it does -Drew Gooden. That’s iconic and it was short.

If I buy an iPhone x most likely whenever

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every day if i gain followers lol


Once or twice a day… Maybe three if I have time… I want to keep my content flowing and persistant

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I will probably post daily. At least try my hardest. I am going to be focusing my channel on Comedy… I am not that funny, well unless I try hard enough, haha! Moving on, I will immediately write down some ideas.

It depends. Like a Dolan Edit would be every Tuesday ik that for sure. I might post every other day, or maybe even every, since I am doing fan edits.

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i wanna do once a day, maybe twice a few of them

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Obviously daily would be best, but we’ll see if I can keep up with that hahaha idk if I’ll make any promises but I’ll just say that I’ll do my best to keep a consistent-ish stream of content flowing

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Same w/ me

Once a day

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Probably once a day but more realistically every other day