How much would it cost to buy 'V***'?

I’m wondering if @dom could just buy the app back, or at least buy back some rights so that the name V/ne could be preserved. Is this possible, or with any consideration?


I think Twitter bought it out for around 30 mil so it would be pretty pricey just to get to rights back


idk 8char

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same time they converted it to an app which no one even used anymore meaning the price would definitely go down


I think it would still be in the millions just for the rights.


yes, not only that but it would probs be better if V2 had a fresh start in general

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True but nowadays money greedy companies will ask for so much money for nothing in reality


I think because its no longer functioning, Dom may not be able to get it back. Therefore, he created a new one

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I don’t think that it would be a good idea to buy Vine, just stick with v2.

Wasn’t twitter going through financial struggles though? I feel like they’d need as much money as they can get.

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Well, they just ended the network and changed the code on the app. I think it could be undone or fixed.


Hmm idk, they could’ve been

Forget about Dom buying vne. What would happen if Twitter re releases vne itself. :thinking::thinking:
Here’s a thread about it :-

Or better yet v2 gets purchased by twitter… round 2 anyone.

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Well, twitter had some financial problems when vine was going to be shut down, so I don’t know if they’re in the position to re-release it.