How much panic should we panic

About the certain something that spreading to hundreds of thousands of people and is already a global concern… I’ve heard from people in several countries and they’re on lock down

There are conflicting views on this… One is that it’s relatively harmless and the other is end times vibe… But how much should we worry on this?


I’m assuming you are talking about Corona Virus (COVID-19) and not TikTok :blush:

It’s spreading but flu is a bigger concern now - think it’s a “novel” thing for media right now - here in Phoenix, we just had another case which makes it two. Affects older folks and younger kids more. Best thing to do is to wash hands and normal stuff our mom told us as kids, Hope it’s just media spreading news like they did with EBola about 5-6 years ago.


Lolol “not Tik Tok” :joy:


lmao not tik tok

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We have 3 cases nearby
But i buyed 2 weeks ago enough toilet paper

I am not that old that i should worry

In an other state we have a pandemic outbreak and 2 of the 3 get it in France.

Wash your hands
Make some bytes is my advise :blush:

Hey there are conflicting views about TikTok and the growing threat all over this forum - just wanted to clarify :blush::gift_heart:

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There are conflicting views about TikTok and the growing threat all over this forum - just wanted to clarify :blush::joy:

Its deadlier than the flu and cases have doubled tremendously in the last 3 weeks tho. While it may be on a decline in China its spreading at an alarming rate across the rest of the world. This is nothing like ebola was since ebola was more directed at people in Africa or have traveled to Africa. And was easier to quarantine people with it. Whilst people with COVID-19 are not showing their symptoms for days now which is only causing it to spread more and more. Which is alarming. CDC even began to struggle this week with confirming all cases because lack of symptoms. In the earlier weeks of corona it was just people who have been to China that we worried about but now it’s been people everywhere getting it without even knowing only making it worse. Nothing like this happened at all with coronavirus and rarely with the flu as well. Its being compared more to SARS than the flu anyway. Should be taken more seriously. paranoid type beat :sunglasses::ok_hand: