How much of an advantage is being early?

I know a lot of people are saying being early will give people an edge in terms of exposure. It seems logical, and I’m wondering what your thoughts are and also by the time the app releases wouldn’t a lot of people know about it and it will get harder to gain exposure? Just my thoughts, what are yours?


I’m hoping people in the forums remember each other and interact even when the app is up and running, gives us a a small advantage if any lol


Omg I hope so too. I’d love to see all the forum members videos!

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I joined the original Vine super-SUPER late, like a year before it shit down. I managed to gain 100 subs during that time. Now if we ALL joined v2 at once, it would probably be different to gain subs and exposure early. (Especially since the first month of the app running will be full of re-runs) :wink:

The first days we will do few people but then I think the boom will come

What do you mean by free runs?

I think content creators (artists, or v2ers as I like to call them/us) will not have that much of a “public” at first, but when the app explodes in popularity, older v2ers who kept doing videos regularly will get lots of views. Because, being honest, it’s always cool to see someone that has been since the start being active


I think there is some truth to that :slight_smile: that’s really exciting for the people that are going to be there first