How much followers should you have in order to get verified?

I’m really eager to know what would be your answers on that guys!

At least 100k

I think V2 might take a different approach to verification instead of going by the amount of followers you have
Check out what dom said in the threads below

also this:


But I think badges won’t be as cool as the verification symbols that would be next to the usernasme

I don’t think it will be badges. The thread was just posted by people who suggested badges. Dom hasn’t yet confirmed anything


Yeah right Dom is the boss at the end

Yeah I don’t think it should be based on your followers, that’d just make it a mass popularity contest instead of people trying to make good, quality stuff.
Dunno how they’d go about it to be fair :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Verification should be what it was originally intended for. AKA if people aren’t trying to impersonate you, you don’t need it. If there’s fan accounts with your profile pic and a similar username, you should be verified

It depends on the person, I do not think followers are important.
It is more important to verify that there are not equal accounts, for example in instagram that there are accounts with 200k of followers NOT verified and there are accounts with 30K followers that are verified

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Depends on how popular the app ends up being