How much do you think the "channel" you post in makes an impact on the views and likes?

Also, if you post without adding to a channel, how does it affect the vine stats?


At this point, I think categories don’t matter too much. This is just a theory, but I think the majority of people who use the Popular page or the categories are like the creators (to determine their ranking) and the power users (like a music focused person, for example).

I could be completely off, especially since I have no data supporting me, but when I’m thinking through each of these lenses, that’s how I feel.

This means I think casual users will probably stay on Following/Your Mix.


Depends on what content you make. Some of my art bytes id consider animation but they flop in that category so i keep it in art. Even though id say they qualify for both categories. But sometimes you can find better content through your mix rather than the categories itself. And even when hashtags become searchable that could make the categories become less or more used.


I think it helps a lot. but it’s hard to say bc I always post in a category


I have posted in categories with all of mine. Some videos are way up there and other videos kinda fell off. I am not too sure how much it does considering this.

It truly does vary from day to day. What really matters imo is the number of likes / hour, which determines whether or not you’ll be seen in places like Popular Now. Being trending in a category could garner you the 10 or so extra likes needed to be seen by more people in Popular Now or Your Mix – places like Comedy are incredibly saturated and hard to trend on, while most others are quiet and easy to trend on in comparison.


I agreee

I noticed when there’s a brand new channel added I get a lot more views than if I was to add it to comedy, I’d assume it’s because there’s a lot more users for my video to compete with.

I feel like I see the same people liking my videos doesn’t make a difference. (for me, I don’t know if I trend :thinking:)

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It must make at least a bit of a difference. I’m not sure how many people use the categories regularly, but naturally if you’re in the mood for some comedy and other times you’re in the mood for something more chill. You never know how the next person that enjoys your content will find you, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to diversify a little :sweat_smile:.

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Is there a for sure plan for the hashtag game to be searchable? I kind of enjoyed witty captions instead of needing to be proficient in hashtag-fu to get seen! Loved that they didn’t exist here. The latest and trending pages made me feel like I had an equal shot to get noticed rather than it being all about SEO jamming and view numbers!


I’d honestly be all for something like tumblr back in the day.

You pick 2-3 main categories, type your caption, and then can add say up to 10 hashtags that are searchable but don’t clutter up the feed.

I like the idea of being able to search Byte for topics, but not necessarily hashtag floods. Like search bar will hunt captions for certain words or topics rather than just usernames but the algorithm detects SEO jamming and skips it.

This means that you will pick very relevant and specific topics and definitely be seen within searches for those. Win for users who want relevant results and for creators who want to be found for the right reasons!

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Well, when I was talking about the hashtags, I meant only the creator would be able to see them. The user wouldn’t at all.
Sort of like using the 5 . on Instagram to hide the hashtags.

For that matter, there’s a part of me that think the viewer should have some say in the categories. Like if they think it’s funny, animation, art whatever-they can pick from the drop down categories and pick what category they think it’s the best fit for.
In a way, I think that would be more useful than a rebate.

Hashtag is just a feature for now it does not gives you extra likes or views if you are expecting that. All it matters is great content either it’s on a category or not

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Yeah searchable hashtags should be soon hopefully for now some features are coming along slowly and hashtags happen to be one of them :triumph: