How money issues can be addressed

I mix of both. I love watching vines but I love making them equally. I’ve been making content for about 5 years now so I have experience.

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People are going to create groups and that’s awesome!

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i thought i was the only one lol with the ideas in a note for v2


Let’s create a group on IG and help each other, I️ have a 17.8K acc :sweat_smile:


I had vine back in 2015 and I made vines about random stuff that was trending to mock it and one of them got over 1500 loops, and i would like to do that again because the stuff that goes viral nowadays is a mess and it’s always funny to make fun of it.


@ jakestudebaker, what is your IG David

Broo u got David’s name :weary::joy:

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Would love to do that

I think I dm’d your account, can you verify?

I am looking forward to be a content creator! Hoping to make those random vine ideas I come up with throughout the day. But I would also love to see what V2 has in store for using the app as a fan as well!


A creator and a fan❤ Im soooo0 excited

Hey guys!! Comment your IG handle and I can add you to the groupchat of future creators!!

If you want in the IG group reply with your handle!!

Nah you can’t save the names yet it won’t let you according to the rules lol

I’d probably want to create. I don’t want to be overly annoying though.

I haven’t been this excited since the original vine was out. I can’t wait to see all the amazing new content creators rise up.

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i honestly thought i was the only one who wrote out my skits and ideas honestly this is a relief :joy: i plan to be a creator and i’m here to have fun with it, i’m so excited !

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I love people like you, you want in the future creators group chat??

Creator and Editor.:100: