How money issues can be addressed

OKAY, SAME! I have all these ideas down!


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It’s good to hear that I’m not the only one keeping vine ideas in my notes lol

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Guys, what is your opinion on creators getting paid by V2?

@jakestudebaker I think it would be cool to get paid for your work but then again, we want an app that will encourage others to make new and original content. Not just come to v2 wanting easy money. But, depending on your value, reach, and quality of your content I think partnering with the V2 team would benefit both the creator and company!


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I disagree. How is V2 going to make more money from people who got famous using their app? They aren’t going to bring new audiences to V2, that’s where the audience is that made them famous in the first place.

In all honesty, and I made this point last night, V2 to make more money should charge more popular creators a small tax to put their content up. It would make sure the more popular people only uploaded their best content, and they couldnt flood the market, and it would give V2 more revenue to grow how they want.

the platform can do amazing without any famous person, and thinking that your content is what makes the app perfect, well thats why vine shut down…


From what I’ve heard, a lot of the people that got famous from Vine aren’t going to come back.

I mean great and all, but if they want to they should be allowed

I agree with your stand point by at the same time, creators should be able to upload any content they choose. How ever it wouldn’t be that great for the market if popular creators just spammed their content and do not let anyone else work hard to get THEIR work known. Sorry if I’m not making sense…

Oh no that’s what I’m saying. Make a small fee for creators to upload so that they don’t flood the market, and their followers are sure that they get the best content available.

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I cannot agree more although the “fee” would be a bit absurd without there being any revenue for creating content. But as I said previously partnering up with the V2 team and working on getting some revenue and maybe even a “baby contract” (meaning not anything to hold you in but an agreement on what ever the situation or idea is) together, just an idea. I’d like to work with the V2 team on a few things based on how it takes off at first and how it is layed out. Or maybe even working with them to make an agreement to help both the company and creator out!

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Like Wikipedia, the Vine servers will not be able to be run without cost. I think Vine should take after Wikipedia and have a donate page. Creators looking for money should either turn to other forms of social media or their fans to donate to them. Paying creators for videos turned Youtube into an absolute hellhole. If the goal is to keep Vine running for longer then it did the first time, Vine should stick to a donate page, and not allow itself to pay users for making Vines.

same i have a rocket book

I personally don’t think that would be a good system. Popular creators may or may not end up profiting from V2 but making creaters who reach broader audiences pay a fee to upload content quite possibly infringes on their right to speech. Besides that, it would make popular creators want to post their content elsewhere.

lol, having bigger creators pay to upload. The app would lose it’s biggest and best creators that way, they’d move over to youtube where they could make double the money and for free.