How many video ideas do you have down and how are you recording them?

I was reading this thread about whether or not people had started recording ideas for V2. For those of you who have, how many have you wrote down and where are you keeping them? Have you practiced making any? I haven’t practiced making any but I do have a good number of ideas.


I have about 30+ written down in a notebook, a few in my phone notes, and on random pieces of paper :joy: I’ve also started to figure out how I’m recording so that’s fun.


So far I have a few written on my phone. It’s the one thing I always have with me and you never know when an idea will strike.


I’ve been brewing ideas in my head lately, but I haven’t written much down. I’ll get around to it…:rosette:

               Jake (UNCLESAM) (uncleSCAM)
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You are just like I was. I’m an extreme procrastinator so I was too lazy to start a list but one day I did it and now it’s so much easier for me to write down ideas.

I have been putting a lot of thought into where I film though, as my house is crowded with not much room or any obvious place for recording, I’m figuring it out :sunflower:

Same here, I have two siblings always following me around as well, it’s always loud but I might be getting my own room soon and if that works out I think I’ll have a place to film!

It is funny though, I write everything down and I mean everything so I am surprised that I haven’t written anything down. Honestly, you should see the multitude of notepads and binders I own. :joy:

Two is light work… Try four.

I have 60 something written down, but I’m not recording them until the app comes out. I keep mine on the notes part of my phone and computer.

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same here!!

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oh gosh, four?? I can barely handle the quiet one :joy:

While most at work, I’ll get an idea, and quickly grab some paper to write it down for later. Then when I get home, I type it up on a Messenger chat titled “■■■■■■ Dump”

Smart!! I sometimes use my messages to keep note of things

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I have many videos that I’ve already recorded sitting in my Camera Roll. :joy:

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LOL hope things go well for you as you seem very determined!!

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It always depends on the quality not the quantity


Very true!

I’ve had some I never got to use due to vine shutting down along with some new ones I write on my phone whoever they come to my mind!

I have some ideas written down… but I’m waiting for @Dom to officially release the final dimensions for the vids before I start recording :blush: I think it is going to be square if I look at Dom’s poll, but it’s not sure yet…