How many people on beta right now?

I don’t think this has been asked before, since all the titles are about “how many people WILL be on beta” where I want to talk about right now, before the first wave to the “public”.

Okay so we got a couple of pictures of the app, showing some accounts and what I noticed is that they had quite a large number of followers, which got me thinking about how many people are on it right now.

All I know about the people on it right now are supposed to be the team and friends and family, but how can there be literally thousands of people testing? Or are they just blank accounts? Yeah I don’t have any more ideas…

Anyway, I’m not petty or mad or anything just curious since the first wave will probs be coming up soon.


i was wondering the same when i saw it. but i think it’s a prototype or something. don’t know the name for it


The follower count in the teasers aren’t real; they’re fixed. :grin: As of my understanding, beta hasn’t been released yet but it has been said by Dom that it will release this month of March. The date has yet to be officially announced (both beta and official release).


It’s not actual people that’s just a mockup that Michael made


They were playing around I doubt there are so many people that are testing the app.

They were probably bots or just random numbers inserted by them to give a taste of how it would look.


changed from off topic to general bc its for once about the app😂


oh haha thanks


so that means there are thousands of people testing right now?

I corrected my mistake lol I meant to say they aren’t real.


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh haha makes more sense now, thanks

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Can there be another beta singup, bc i really don’t know if i even singdup for a beta somewhere, and i’m like anyone here so hype about byte

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when the first or second wave comes you can ask someone you know who’s in it if they can add you in, because i heard that’s possible

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There would most likely be a signup in the future.

also, I dont think beta will be too long. Its supposed to be fully released this spring so It will be AT MAX a 2 month or so Beta

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That’s way too long doubt it will be 2 months… especially if there are no problems with the app …

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1500 :joy::joy::joy:…kidding ! No one has it yet only Dom’s friends and family