How many followers could be classified as "being famous"?

But in a small social media is a lot

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I think having 5k active followers will always out weigh let’s say 20k of passive ones.


When you can reference them or something they did randomly nd someone understands

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The numbers have increased over the years as the world has gotten more and more connected, but I’d say over 40k is like mid-low end of the fame spectrum

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There are people with millions of followers who you wouldn’t consider famous so I don’t think followers classify fame.

seems like you’re talking about youtube, it works the same way for youtube
100k = not so famous and once you hit 1 mil you’ve sorta made it

I would say as soon as you reach 5 digits your on your way

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I think 5 digits is also acceptable. Like, why millions of followers? That is only for the really big V2 users. I knew some really creative people on v*ne and they only had thousands of followers, but were well known across the platform.

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For me 100k is alot and 1million is a dream, a big dream :blush:

tbh it shouldn’t matter about followers bc this app is supposed to be for fun and having a nice v2 community

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hi do you know how people follow you on ■■■■■■

It’s been a long time, so I forgot, but I think it’ll be in your activity/profile

that means I just post a video to vine then people will just see the video the start following me

Well you have to have patience, some may follow & some may not

ok that means if they like the video they might follow

Yes that is correct

ok thanks do you know how to post on here

Yes, you just go to new topic & pick a category

thanks do you have instgram or youtube

Nope, but I probably will make a YouTube