How long will bytes be?

I’ve searched for how long it’ll be, and I haven’t found anything. So here’s asking: are bytes going to be 6 seconds like v2 was going to be? Or longer?

There are literally dozens of topics on this. Bytes will be limited at 6.5 seconds and can be no shorter than 2 seconds.


really? I couldn’t find it in the search. oh well.

Please refrain from duplicating this topic on the byte forums. Is what I’m expecting from the experts :slight_smile:


He says to flag the post, not @ him. For the reason, just click “something else” and say that it was a duplicate! also thanks for telling about the problem

Ok thanks!

I already told him that so you don’t need to be duplicate in a duplicate topic.

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Be sure to use search before creating a new topic. Thanks.