How long does it take you to sleep

How long does it take you to sleep?


Like a solid 30-60 mins
But if it’s summer and very hot then that’s a whole different situation :eyes:


im snoring as soon as my head touches the pillow

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Raf snores - confirmed.


lets just say
a very long damn time
(quite a bit over an hour)

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Way too long some nights

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I usually sleep for about 8 hours.

Or if you mean “How long does it take you to get to sleep”, usually 30 mins to an hour

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About an 1hour and half. Never could go straight to sleep when hitting the pillow

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Like 20 mins of random thoughts

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About 10-15 minutes I would say. But if I couldn’t, i would some headphones on with some old tv show opening songs… and drift to sleep.

I actually don’t know…30 m?

Well I cant sleep too when hitting a pillow, I’d probably be sued by a pillow factory by bullying a pillow…

Yes I punch pillows…


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Anywhere between 30minutes and 1hr or more sometimes…


I wish it were less…I need a off switch

I can sleep for hours. lol Especially if I’m stressed or tired…

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Next thing you’re going to tell me is you remove tags off matrresses before buying them :rofl:

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