How long do you predict that someone will get 1 million subscribers

Although Byte is relatively new it won’t take long before someone gets 1 million subs. How long do you think it will take for someone to reach that?


Depends on who it is,

For example if Logan Paul or another top celebrity similar to his agenda decides to join the app then getting to one million subs will be piece of cake, they will probably get that within 2 to 3 weeks of being on the app.

For someone that isnt as popular it will take a little bit more time.

Also there are a lot of factors that will determine this. The amount of hard work they are willing to put into the app, the ideas that they come up with, how consistent they are, how many users will download the app and the luck too.


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Can you give me a record of when major vines first reached 1 million?

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Logan Paul reached 1 million in roughly 9 to 10 months after starting on the app.

But he deserved it his vines were ULTRA !

From what I heard KingBach made a million followers in his first month.
But Marcus Johns was the first creator to reach 1 million.

It depends…

6 months - 1 year

I remember King Bach saying that Christian Delgrosso was the first to reach 1 million🤨